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This is where you can submit Did You Know entries. List your submission(s) below, and if the admins decide it's worthwhile, it will be added to the main page template. You can sign your submissions if you want.

Q: Why is DYK locked?
A: Because when it was freely editable, the admins felt it was too funny and dangerous to the website's reputation.

Q: I thought this website hated lists.
A: Yes, but it hates vandalism more, and this page might keep you busy.

Q: When will my submission appear?
A: When an admin decides it's good enough for the front page. Making this decision is low priority for most admins. It may not be updated with new submissions frequently, and many entries will be deleted without making it to the main template. Here's how to maximise your chances:

  1. Search the current DYKs and make sure yours isn't a repeat. No, "...that 75.8% of statistics are made up" won't cut it, sorry. You can press Ctrl+F to search some keywords.
  2. Link to good pages in your DYK.

Q: What is the template format?
A: All the DYKs are thrown into a blender using the <choose> tags. That means only a few DYKs, picked at random, appear on the front page each time you load it. So no, your little gift will not always come up. The reason we hate lists is that they (that is, you) tend to tell the same joke over and over again, and if your third copy is selected to be on the page, no one will ever know you really typed fifteen of them.

Q: What about "Do You Care"?
A: Do You Care entries are mainly for highlighting great past articles.

Q: May I begin, then?
A: If you must. Type your suggestion into Section 1. If you type it at the very end of the page, we'll know all we need to know about you.

Did You Know...

  • That the Google Street View car replace their cameras with potatoes once they enter the Connecticut border?
  • That most people don't read directions and need an "example" to get them started?
  • That rules exist inside and outside the mind, but an "example" is an intermediate? And this is an example of a rule and I am not a guru?
  • That the observer makes his own lists based on the lists of others? So lists learn from lists, like wise men learn off fools!
  • That without lists, we feel listless?
  • That irony extends beyond the line and even the mind? How ironic.. But even more ironic is that "irony" does not appear in the bible?
  • That Dog is offended by this statement?
  • That 9/11 might not have even happened if explosives hadn't been invented? But more to the point, if dates had not been invented?
  • That being controversial is neither easier said nor done?
  • That Nelson Mandela was killed by George Zimmerman, a neighbourhood watch coordinator where Mandela was temporarily staying?
  • That water parks are all on the edge of being 100% pee?

Suggested Images

Looking for an image to submit? Why not try looking on this list of orphaned images? Approved submissions will be listed here.
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