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Discussion and Visitor Information

General Discussion about Uncyclopedia, questions, comments.
If you're new read this or you might be huffed.
Information for new visitors to the site.
We don't care how awesome you or your buddies are.
Some helpful tips.

A handy, simple way to make a new page. Only to be used after reading all the above guides.

Quality Control
With the word "Quality" being used loosely.

Get help on an article or image idea from your pees peers!
Report malicious users, vandals, people who blank pages (very naughty people these), and vandals.
Make your voice heard before they're gone.
Report spam and other utterly worthless pages here.
Look here if you're bored - save a languishing article today.
This week's is For the glory of her majesty
For any articles that need a spelchek.
More things you can do.

Here's where you can find articles that don't suck.





The content-free news source on crack.
¡Yo quiero Uncyclopédia!
The ick!tionary of all things best left unsaid.
The largest collection of content-free books.
The Shakspearian folio of humor, love, woe and other silly emotions.
Hours of ear-defening music.
A plethora of text-adventures for your gaming pleasure.
Learn how to do something in seconds flat.
Why ponder the thought of Why?
A wiki about, uh, this wiki...
Bringing Oscar Wilde quotes to many pages in Uncyclopedia.
The faces behind the names.
Whatever happened to <insert favorite user> and where are they now?
Stealing things from Johnny Foreigner.



Older and concluded conversations on this page are archived.

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