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edit About

XYZZY Game Shop is a store where you can buy games. Games, games, games! You know, for your PC! With HD graphics! (Nah, just kidding! They're just text adventure games! Don't you know what XYZZY is? Did you actually believe that they would be HD graphic games, even with XYZZY in the name? You fool!)

edit Employees

This business currently has no employees.

edit Items/Accounts/Whatever

Here at XYZZY game shop, we are selling games for people to play on their computers. We have:

  • Zork and its sequels.
If you want a complete list of things the XYZZY Game Shop has to offer, click here!

edit Anything Else

We guarantee that anyone who makes a purchase at the XYZZY Game Shop will have peace and happiness for the rest of their lives. Even if you don't kill any Grues in Zork! Even if you do get eaten alive! Those games are fictional, you know! Don't think you'll actually die if you get eaten by a Grue!

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