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edit HYPERiON Technologies. Awesomeness redefined. Hyperion

edit About

HYPERiON Technologies is a global hub for techies to show off their mad skillz (Z to know we mean what we say) at making stuff. By 'stuff' I mean gunz (and yet another Z to know we also have mad modding skillz), hardware, uh, stuff, and everything techy (and cool). Just don't mess up. And no, we don't make game or video systems. No and not stereos. Maybe some time in the future we'll make computers but it's not our point of focus right now.

edit Employees

  • RaTCHeT (Owner and MANager. No salary 'cause there's no bank account yet)
  • Nobody else. If you want to join in, visit the talk page. Unfortunately you won't get salary until we've got a permission from the folks at the central bank to make us a bank account.

edit Products

(PLEASE NOTE: Prices are quoted in U.S. dollars. Sorry, but beans are no longer accepted.)
Handheld/Worn Hardware

Misc. Warfare

Guns and stuff

edit Notes

Remember, Techy n' cool.

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