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This is the Beginner's Guide to Being an Uncyclopedian. This page is an essential guide for the unacquainted wishing to become non-banned valuable members of our demented, fundamentalist, cult delightfully sane community.


Seriously, what the hell is this place?

Its pretty obvious that we are a parody of wikipedia. We parody wikipedia. We even parody minorities, the famous and other stuff no one else ever does.

Check out this pointless overview

See also: What uncyclopedia is in one page


How do I be funny?

Good writing is subjective, but boy are there some basic rules of thumb. Read these packages and put time into it and you won't suck.

Learn all about not sucking


How can I be stylish?

Learning the code here is easy, making an awesome looking article is less easy. Images, headers, text, links and tricks and stuff. No article will be loved without it.

Learn how to make your articles spiffy

See also: Help:HowTo


Where is stuff I want to find?

Tired of writing? Don't want to write? Feel like making this place less sucky? There's a lot of other stuff to try not sucking at.

Learn all about our fifty different stuffs


How do I make people like me?

Writing good stuff and being civil will make you a star. Ignoring advice, comments and reverts and being a prima donna will make you crash and burn. Sort of like Challenger did.

Learn how to be civil...or at least less of a dick

Beginner's Guide
Basic mechanics of a wiki

How pages work
Your userspace
How talk pages work
How to edit pages

Good writing

How to be funny
(Funny images)
(Funny choice of words)

Bad writing

Overuse of lists
Overuse of quotations
Bad grammar and spelling

Good behavior

Be civil
Don't do cyberbullying
Coexist with the Admins

See also...

Help Contents
What Uncyclopedia is not

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