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{{title|Uncyclopedia:Ban Patrol}}
{{Ban Patrol instructions}}
{{Ban Patrol instructions}}
==Ban requests==
==Ban requests==
* {{IP|}} Vandal, spammer {{User:ScottPat/sig2}} 07:47, May 16, 2013 (UTC)
* {{IP|}} - Vandal {{User:PuppyOnTheRadio/sig3|11:52 15 May 2013}}
* {{IP|}} - Vandal {{User:PuppyOnTheRadio/sig3|11:52 15 May 2013}}
*{{User|BobbyBobBob}} - Blanker, VOA {{User:Graphium/sig}} 16:13, 12 May 2013
*{{user|RufusLentvkftzz}} -- green eggs and spam {{User:Llwy-ar-lawr/sig|20140919000935}}
*:Thanks. As above, a one-shot blanker should not be reported; but this guy, who went through one article, section by section, then started on another, is a natural. {{User:SPIKE/signature}}<small>16:54 12-May-13</small>
* {{IP|}} - Blanker. {{User:Graphium/sig}}
* {{IP|}} - Vandal, trying to spread hate messgaes. {{User:ScottPat/sig2}} 09:46, May 8, 2013 (UTC)

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Mordillo has your name and your ass in a sling doesn't he?!

“Sometimes the best solution to morale problems is just to ban all of the unhappy people.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Ban Patrol

This page is for reporting someone for blanking, vandalizing, improperly reverting, or otherwise disrupting Uncyclopedia.

Before reporting
  1. Ensure that there is more than one offense. Don't report IPs that make a single edit; it is pointless. With established users, discuss disagreements before escalating them to this page.
  2. Read this page to make sure the user hasn't already been reported. Admins do not always see fit to respond to a report with a ban.
  3. If the vandalism happened well in the past, check Blocked IPs, Block log, and the archive of this page to see if the user was already banned.
To report someone
  1. Create a new entry just below the section heading. Newest entries on top, please!
  2. Start the entry with * (for a bulleted list item).
  3. Identify the user in question. For anonymous users (IPs), use the {{IP}} template. For registered users, use the {{User}} (not {{U}}) template. (Advanced users can use the {{Range}} template.)
    Example 1: *{{IP|}} Keeps blanking [[World of Warcraft]]. ~~~~
    Example 2: *{{User|Fred}} Revert war at [[Sheep]]. ~~~~
  4. You should briefly explain why you have added this person to Ban Patrol and sign with 4 tildes ~~~~.


THIS IS NOT A DISCUSSION PAGE. Please keep the chatter to the possible minimum. If you feel the need to ramble, use the talk page.

Attention all those who put down ban reasons such as "Bad Person" or "Monkey Breath": Please put an actual explanation of why you've BPd this person. Violators shall be sent for a week in the Cajek academy for the criminally insane.

edit Ban requests

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