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[[Category:Uncyclopedia maintenance]]
[[Category:Uncyclopedia maintenance]]
[[Category:Articles to fix]]

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This page is for users looking to find articles to fix. For the maintenance list, see Uncyclopedia:Maintenance/Fix.

These are the articles to be fixed, tagged as such with either {{fix}}, {{expansion}}, {{AAP}}, or voodoo. Those tagged for expansion or with rewrite-category fix variants may face subsequent deletion after a month unedited, should they go unfixed.

There are presently 377ish total articles tagged for fixing in various stages of decomposition.

Rewrite (8)
Formatting (330)
Copyediting (0) and length
Other articles to be fixed

edit All pages to be fixed

These are the 60 oldest articles tagged for fixing. For the full list of 377, see here.

Full List...

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