November 9: NWS Day (UK), New South Wales (NSW) Day (Wales), NSFW Day (Pornovia)

  • 10000 BCE - The wheel is invented by some caveman which immediately runs him over.
  • 631 - Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition. Good for him.
  • 1939 - Element 377, Kittenhufnium, is first isolated by scientists. They were trying to synthesize THC.
  • 1949 - China invades Tibet, granting the Tibetans unlimited religious freedom, as Buddhists around the world rejoice.
  • 1951 - The day the Earth stood still.
  • 1970 - Charles de Gaulle, President of France, passes away. His death is mourned by a solemn moment of waving white flags.
  • 1973 - Down goes Frazier.
  • 1989 - Down goes the Berlin Wall.
  • 1994 - Suicide bombers pilot the Disneyland Skyway into the Matterhorn.
  • 2006 - The Republican Party, angry at the world for having the crazy liberals beat them like they stole something from them huddle together in a corner and cry like babies.
  • 2008 - Osama Bin Laden purchases Sunoco gas stations and renames them SunOSama. David Berkowitz unamused.