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January 10: Reefer Madness Day

Aw hell no...

  • 370 BC - Plato almost chokes after inhaling a dandelion, then writes the dialogue Clouds
  • 75 - John The Baptist makes an unexpected comeback and tours Europe with Buddha.
  • 1810 - Napoleon divorces Empress Joséphine, calling her "a total fucking harpie"
  • 1841 - Low on firewood, ropes made from hemp are burned by Mormon pilgrims in Utah. That night, visions from heaven assail them
  • 1863 - The London Underground is opened in England, promptly closes after a signal failure in Barking
  • 1968 - Napalm dropped on a Vietnamese hemp field, which instigates the largest attack of the munchies known to man
  • 1979 - Disco is pronounced dead after a tragic cocaine overdose
  • 1991 - Kool-Aid retires the Kool-Aid Man after he is imprisoned for providing alcohol to a 14-year old girl
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