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This super-secret page contains tools for use by Uncyclopedia administrators only. If you are not an admin, please close your browser NOW.

This page is for all you lazy admins out there who want everything laid out.

Stuff For You

Your preferences.
Your watchlist.
Where admins discuss the future.
Are you a popular admin? Is it even legal to use the two terms in a sentence?
A supersecret administrator-only page! Just for you!

Admin Patrol

Vote for deletion.
Burn garbage.
See above.
Um.. whoops I burned that too quickly :(
A list of all the new pages. Smaller page size means increased chance of crap so get your delete button ready :)
A list of all the new files.
Very good in a vandal attack to see whats happening by who.
Who's messing with the previously featured articles, and why they must die.
A list of short pages, good for spotting vandalism/crap fairly quickly.
People who may need a ban.
This page defines adminship.
See who's blocked.



Vote for the month's best writer.
Vote for the month's best noob.
Vote for the month's best Uncyclopedian.
  • Writer of the Year
Here you will be able to vote for the year's best writer.
Vote for the year's best Uncyclopedian.
Vote for articles that you want featured.
Vote for images that you want featured.
Vote for users that you want sysopped.
Vote for awards that you want to be official.

Uncyclopedia Stuff

Dump your ideas here.
See what everyone's complaining about to you today.
Find out what problems you probably should be attempting to fix.
Your fellow administrators.
Medals and such.
More badges and honors.


A dynamic list of special pages you have access to.
Uncyclopedia's maintenance page.
Redirects which don't work.
Redirects to redirects (to redirects).
Pages which lead nowhere.
Pages that aren't linked to.
These can't be unburned so be careful.
Unused categories.
Uncategorized pages.
Uncategorized categories.
All the text on special pages and stuff.
Export pages.
Import pages.

Lists and Logs

All the pages on Uncyclopedia.
All the categories.
All the files.
All the users.
The MediaWiki version information.
Uncyclopedia statistics.
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