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Active Admins review the troops.

Admins (or sysops) are Uncyclopedians with the power to delete pages, ban users, and administer other unpleasantness. The following Admins tend to respond when asked to help. (The rest of them are either dead, missing in action, or undergoing a sex change operation, which for many of them is their second or third.)

Username Attributes Usual time zone
Mhaille Sysop, Bureaucrat, Deity Hammer
Mordillo Sysop, Bureaucrat, token Jew
Romartus Sysop, Weathered, Crumbling Blighty (UK - 0)
Simsilikesims Sysop, Simulation West US (UK - 8)
SPIKE Sysop, Canine (rabid) East US (UK - 5)
Zombiebaron Sysop, Bureaucrat, Zombiebaron

Working with the Admins

Here is how it is: Simsilikesims is essentially your mom. She will give you cash to replace the neighbor's window that you threw a brick through, and will take you out for ice cream when you actually do so. Whereas Spike is your father. He will ground you for a week without editing, even though you have done nothing wrong, on the theory that the mere unpleasantness will eventually make you a better person. And like your real parents, the two of them are cordial to one another, though they do live on opposite coasts. But, Hell, flying transcontinental by yourself for a "visitation weekend" is cool.

You can take your chances with them, or pick one of the others, who are somewhere in between, in all respects except geographically.

All Admins are willing to help you get established and understand the rules, procedures, and traditions. There is also a cadre of people who have expressed their willingness to adopt new users.

If, beyond the additional hand-holding of being an adopted user, you want continual attention, we suggest either Illogicopedia or Encyclopedia Dramatica. If you also tend toward toilet humor and pranks, you might try Wikipedia, which has been lacking in both departments lately.

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