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UncycBot is a very attractive bot that lives on #uncyclopedia. It runs a basic trivia game of over 15,000 questions, answers noob questions we are sick of answering, will do your math homework fuck your sister,[1][2] and lots of other useless stuff. It also likes to fold proteins and construct maps of the Milky Way galaxy in its free time. It stops rounds of trivia after five unanswered questions so as to not flood the channel. Its testing channel is ##turtle and it also runs in #wikia-unanswers, but the bot also autojoins any channel it is invited to.

edit Commands

edit Normal commands

Command Conquer Function
!un <article> searches for Uncyclopedia articles similar to snerk's Wikipedia search
!tinyurl <URL> shortens the URL into a TinyURL link
!tinyurl <URL> <custom alias> shortens the URL into a custom TinyURL link (e.g. !tinyurl hotmidgetporn" will render the shortened link "http//" If UncycBot does not respond to this command then you are either using an existent custom alias, trying to create a link to a URL that doesn't exist, or a complete moron
!calc <equation> calculates math problems (e.g. "!calc 3.14 x 69"; also does monetary conversion; e.g. "!calc dollars to euros")
!google <search> posts a URL linking to your Google search results
!youtube <search> posts a URL linking to your YouTube search results
!send <user> <message> if you are an unregistered IRC user, this can be used to send private messages. To do this, simply /join ##turtle or create a new IRC room and invite UncycBot to it. You now have a way to send private messages. Messages sent through UncycBot are not logged, but anyone else in the chatroom may be logging your messages. Any abuse of this service (using it to spam or circumvent an /ignore) will result in a ban from using UncycBot or a ban from the IRC room.
!ping shows you your ping lag
!state shows the current state of the bot (server, version, active/inactive, etc.)
!web shows you where you can find more information about the bot
!version displays the version of this bot
!help provides help on the commands.
!server displays the bot's server
!add <question>*<answer> adds a question to the question list (the asterisk is necessary; e.g., "!add What is the capital of Denmark?*Bangcock)
!report <text> reports a question or problem (e.g., "!report Bangcock is not the capital of Denmark" ; it can also be used to report other bot problems, to report abuses of the bot, and to confess dark secrets)
!penis 8==D
!tits ( . )Y( . )
!disable disables the bot; can only be used by channel operators or voiced users
!enable enables the bot; can only be used by channel operators or voiced users

edit Game commands


UncycBot and his creator waiting for some fly babes to show up.

!trivia <number> starts a game of trivia (e.g., "!trivia 50" will start a round of trivia with 50 questions)
!strivia stops trivia
!trivia team <number> starts team trivia
!join 1 join team one
!join 2 join team two
!showteams shows what users are on what teams
!pause pauses a trivia round
!resume resumes a trivia round
!stats shows your trivia stats
!stat(s) <name> allows !stats for other players.
!record(s) displays the record time and streak
!next after half the time has expired allows a person to timeout the question early.
stat(s) # allows the bot to call the stat of a specified rank.
!roundscores shows the scores for the current round of trivia for all players who have scored a point
!hof displays the trivia hall of fame
!pull pulls the trigger for a game of Russian Roulette
!bomb starts a game where you have to cut the wires to defuse the bomb
!cut <color> cuts a wire of a certain color
!rock, !paper or !scissors starts a round of Rock, Paper, Scissors w/ UncycBot
!blackjack begins a game of blackjack
!poker deals you a poker hand
!u starts an uno game. The player that types this becomes player 1.
!ujoin allows you to join the game (at any time).
!deal starts the game (as long as you have 2+ players). It can only be typed by player 1 (the person who typed !uno).
!ustop ends the current uno game and can only be used by player 1.
!quit removes you from the current game. If used by player 1, player 2 becomes player 1 and in charge of the game.
!kickplayer <player> allows player 1 to kick people from the current game for some reason like if they don't know how to play.
!cards shows you your cards.
!count shows all the players and the number of cards they have left. It also shows who's turn it is.
!topcard shows the top card.
draw draws you a card from the deck.
!pass passes to the next person (you must draw once to use this).
!play <color> <card> allows you to play cards.
!score <nick> shows you how many wins the given nick has.
!top10 shows you the top 10 uno players and their wins.

edit Info

  • hostmask - UncycBot@unaffiliated/emc/x-7720411/bot/uncycbot
  • Client - mIRC v. 7.22
  • Scripts - available on demand

  1. This offer is not available to sisters living outside of Cleveland, Ohio.
  2. Offer is also not available to fat sisters.
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