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Yeah, darkness, fire, "evil" monikor, blah blah blah. Who gives a shit. She almost looks hot.

In humanity's blackened, disheartening history, there is yet such a thing as evil that goes by the public eye, without ne'er an accustion or finger-pointation of callous regard for the fellow man. For example, maybe you are walking along the road to fetch some milk, and a car drives past, over a nearby puddle, splashing you with the day's dirty rainfall. Now that's evil, but certainly not controversial. Anti-fascist protests, yes. But anti-"don't splash me when I'm walking near a puddle, twat" parades, no (besides, you'll liable to be splashed by an incoming car when you're parading on the middle of the street.)

This is known as uncontroversial evil. It's the DMZ between charity and greed, the byline twixt tolerance and beatings, the boundaries separating maim and murder. Badness and unhappiness, whole, but not particularly newsworthy. In short, get used to it, cunt.

edit Examples

Get a life and get used to it, I guess. No? Fine. Here are some examples:

edit Some fucker called "boss" who shat on you at work


"Oh, oh, and I almost forgot. Ahh, I'm also gonna need you to go ahead and shut the fuck up, too..."

If you're self-employed, fuck you, you smarmy dipshit. If you're just employed, chances are you're under the daily thumb of an unloved son of a bitch called "your boss." Like me. Every day I shuffle into work at 8am, slot into schedule and categorise myself into the day's workload, then file myself into meetings, then list myself in the grey canteen, then drown myself into more workloads, deploy myself into the shitstorm "confidence boost" meeting, then bang my head for four hours before fucking off home at 8pm. All at the behest of "your boss", a piece of shit armchair Hitler. And he has a circle-jerk for a motivation speech.

Evil, but not noteworthy. Happens every minute.

edit Some fucker who steals your girlfriend

She's a bitch cyberwhore with signs labelled "FREE ADMISSION" pointing to her canyon-sized twat. But girls will be girls.

edit Some fucker who cut in front of you in the shopping queue

That fucking bitchfucker arsehole minging pissing driptowel.

edit Some fucker who steals your "The Complete Works of Charles Dickens" set

You hadn't even finished Bleak House. All 998 words of it.

edit Future

Fuck off. There, that's the future. Uncontroversial evil will meander through the ages and will just degenerate to a form of public rudeness. Which it is. Now fuck off.

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