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Name: Kevin Rudd
Location: Canberra
Bio: Australias best looking prime minister
Following: 22
Followers: 3.8


Oh no! Swanny's gone! I need him to take the blame for things qand make me look good.

10:35am December 12th from phone

Whoops. Dont worry, he's just over there in the water.

10:35am December 12th from phone

Wait, Water!? Swanny must of wet the bed. Again.

10:35am December 12th from phone

I waded out of my bed and to parliment house. It was probably those guys at the office having some fun. Good joke guys

10:53am December 12th from phone

I missed the bus on my way to work. Damn public transport

11:12am December 12th from phone

Ahh crap. Julia is in today. luckily a brough my sun glasses so i don't have to look at her hair

11:23am December 12th from web

Tumblr kqcfhm3HZN1qz82gvo1 500-1-

Swanny! Now look what you've done. This is the last time i invite you for another one of my sleepover parties

I told the guys about all the water. . . And why Swanny woke up with me that morning

11:35am December 12th from web

Apparently it's all about this global warming thingy that Peter has been telling me about. It's probably something pale and scary with zombie eyes like him.

11:35am December 12th from web

Sorry Peter. Probably shouldent of said that. I wouldent want you to eat my brains. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!

11:35am December 12th from web

Don't worry, it was a short and Jokular conversation

11:36am December 12th from web

I have so much to do today: Apologize to some coons, hand out some money to those lovely men living on the parliment house steps aswell as declare war on fast cars, big dogs, working families and those annoying little rings they have under the lids on milk bottles.

11:48am December 12th from web

But wait, the whole parliment house is under water! how did it take me this long to notice, perhaps i should get some bigger glasses. Luckily, i was able to inflate my massive ego to keep us afloat.

11:48am December 12th from web

Whats happening Swanny? Why is global warming ruining my perfectly schedualed day.

11:48am December 12th from web

It seems that the north pole has melted because of the emisions from my hair spray cans. I knew bundy bear was up to something.

11:48am December 12th from web

Oh no! My socks got wet. now i'm going to get wrinkly feet. I have to put a stop to gloabal warming before anything worse happens. Quick Swanny! To the Rudd Mobile

11:50am December 12th from web


Nice one Swanny

Since Swanny crashed the Rudd Mobiel, we have to take a plane to the north pole. Luckily, due to canberra's terrible planning, the airport is right next door.

11:57am December 12th from web

I'm trying to get on the plane but the air hostes is being a real bitch. Apparently the plane is all full. I think i'm going to have to verbally abuse her

12:25pm December 12th from web

It's ok. I just took a plane from the shed. Those nice americans gave them to us for absolutely nothing. So much better than buying them new.

12:32pm December 12th from web

It's a good thing Swanny has his piolots liscence or we'd be screwed HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

12:32pm December 12th from web

Damn this plane food is disgusting. Luckily i packed.

12:45pm December 12th from web

Earwax narrowweb 300x370,0-1-

OM NOM NOM NOM NOM. Tastes like bananas

Hey guys! I just joined the mile high club. With myself. It's a good thing i brough Zach Effron poster after all.

1:04pm December 12th from web

Swanny Joined with me. That was quick, it only took him like 30 seconds

1:05pm December 12th from web

Look, where here, the north pole. That was surprisingly quick. Time to land us Swanny.

2:32pm December 12th from web

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