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edit Lyrics


edit Verse 1

I need a hat
I go to the shop
There's one on the shelf
It looks kinda weird
It screws up my ears
I look like an elf

That's not the prob
I might have to rob
I've run out of cash
But I like this hat
I'm fully for that
So I'm gonna dash

(beeping sound)

edit Chorus

("Police...don't...hurt...me..." in background)
I'm running out
I'm running out
Might make it out
If I run out

I know, I know
It's time to go
Can not be slow
It's time to go

edit Verse 2

I'm in the mall
I look kinda tall
And I'm being chased
They're staring at me
Like I'm on the P
I'm gonna be faced

Look all around
No-one to be found
They're all in the shops
I walk out the door
Only to look for
A whole bunch of cops


edit Bridge

(some instumental stuff)


(CHORUS (fade))

edit Credits

Arrangement, lyrics, horrible vocals, and that beepy sound effect by thematrixeætsyou, the rocker (talk) (flames). You can tell where I forgot to envelope certain sections, sorry about that. I hate it when that happens.

Inspired by "Urban Sprinting".

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