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DefaultMusic Cover


390@70@fullurl://images.uncyc.org/zh-tw/a/a1/UnTunesPlayer.swf?input_music=images.uncyc.org/commons/c/ce/Default_music.mp3& &input_name=Default Music& &input_artist=SunnyChow&

Audiobang.jpg DOWNLOAD SONG>MP3

edit Introduction

Honestly, This music is not funny, or good listening either (Hey! That hurt!). It's the default music of UnTunes MP3 Player. When you use MP3 player without inputting the link, it will play this music. Therefore you likely should avoid yourself hearing this. (To instance, cover your ears.)

edit Format

If you like to use my UnTunes MP3 Player, just copy this code:

{{flash|images.uncyc.org/zh-tw/a/a1/UnTunesPlayer.swf|390|70|value=input_music= (Link without http://) &
&input_name= (Title) &
&input_artist= (Your Name) &}}

It only supports most of MP3 formats.

edit Lyrics

(deep voice) default music

edit Credits

Artist:SunnyChow (with his NDS and Korg DS-10)

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