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edit Lyrics

So here am I quite by chance won the polls,
'Cause the voters can't see into my bed,
Questions always questions,
I'll just make a new motion,
As I swish my way across the house floor.
With some blush on my face,
And a gleam in my eye,
Don't say that wouldn't be sweet.
Wearing frilly pink lace,
And a purple bustier,
And some pumps on my feet.
Now look at me I'm a congressman in drag
And I'll bet you think I'm such a flaming poof,
Oo, Now I go thrusting with my pelvis lusting,
For all my gay boys,
And I just wanna beach house with a view.
What can I do,
It's just how I feel,
I was born just to flame.
Such a gay fool,
Make the Prez squeal,
'Cause he thinks I'm a dame.
Rub it rub it I need to.
Suck it suck it ooo me too.
Love it love it I'll squeeze you.
Oh, Stop it!

edit Credits

Parody Lyrics, midi sequence, bass & vocals: User:Tooltroll/sig

Spork This page was originally sporked from Stormtrooper in Drag by Gary Numan.

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