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"A song by a n00b" is an aptly titled composition that was written by a n00b. Its lyrics and its vocals suggested how scared and confused the n00b really was at the time. But as the days passed by, other people abandoned the song for other, better songs by those R&B artists that you see on TV now, dropping the song down to #97 on the Top 100 chart. UnTunes has recovered the original lyrics from someone's sandbox, perfectly intact, and is now prepared to present them here to you, to showcase the true emotional value and the life lessons that these lyrics present.

edit Lyrics

Untunes noob guitar

So I was creating a page
About this guy named Chuck
I think he was really awesome
His muscles were really, really buff
When I created the page
I was really, really happy
Then some admin deleted my page
Saying that it was vanity
I don't know what vanity is...

For I'm just a n00b
I'm just a n00b
I'm just a n00b
I don't know what the hell is going on
Around this little place
I'm just a n00b
I'm just a n00b
I'm just a n00b
Why can't I understand
What's exactly going on here?

I decided to look around
So I randomly found
Some articles that looked good
So I read and read
And I thought,
"Wow, Chuck Norris must be a cool guy"
So I created another article
It looked really, really good
Then another admin came around
And said it failed QA
What do these letters even mean?

For I'm just a n00b
I'm just a n00b
I'm just a n00b
What the hell are they trying to say to me?
Why can't I understand?
I'm just a n00b
I'm just a n00b
I'm just a n00b
How do I even figure out
This Un-cyc-lo-ped-ia site?

So I'm reading this guide
That I can't seem to understand
It told me to be funny
Yet I can't understand
All the humor I ever learned was from "Family Guy"
I don't have any good ideas
I spent all my days
Playing Halo 3 on my Brother's Xbox Three-Six-Ty!
I'm going to learn
I'm going to try
Not to be a n00b

For I'm just a n00b
I just need some help
I'm just a n00b
Can anyone help me out?
Make me understand this site?
I'm just a n00b
I'm just a n00b
I'm just a n00b
I just want to know how this works
This whole online community thing.

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