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An autobiographical fictitious rap written by someone whose balls haven't dropped yet.

edit Lyrics

13 year old rap


Yeah you know what's up

13 year old in the house!

I'm a little scrawny 13 year old kid

I do whatever my older brother did

At my age, I go to school

In science class I am so cool

My mom picks me up around four o'clock

I ride in her minivan to the next block

For soccer practice, with my best buds

In Runescape I got the best duds

I don't listen to Hendrix or Nirvana

But in health class, I just learned the word vagina!

I can't play M rated games just yet

But when I'm 17, I won't forget

I don't got an AK, just a Spyder

In paintball, I play like fire

is rushing through my veins

these rhymes are always the same

I haven't made it to second base quite yet

but don't you go being all upset

'cause I just got my first pubic hair

But I don't think you even really care

Well now it's time to end my song

did you think it was right or wrong?

Don't worry friend, I'll be back later

And then my voice will be better

edit Footnote

Spyder is a brand of paintball gun.

edit Credits

Emmzee: vocals.

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