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Warning about lack of Content Warning
"Beware the ides of March!"

This is a warning to say that the content warning for UnSignpost has been removed by wikia. Therefore the following UnSignpost edition does not have a content warning, warning those who should be warned that the content ahead requires a warning.

Content that you need to be warned about includes: News (almost non-existant amounts), corrupt journalism, terrible grammar and hurrendous internal political brawls.

If you are not used to these forms of abuse or do not wish to take part in these forms of an abuse then we must warn you that there is no current warning preventing you to do so. The journalism represented by this newspaper is supported and repressed by the Communist Party of Uncyclopedia however there is no warning informing you of this.

This newspaper bears no reponsibility for the fact that the content warning has been uplifted. If you think that this is an unwise decision and you can't cope with comedy then please file a complaint (up your arse) and join ED. Once again we apolagise for the absence of a content warning.

In specific though, this newspaper is awful, please do not attempt to read.


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