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To deliver an UnSignpost, follow the below steps in order. Missing a step or doing them out of order can result in catastrophic consequences.

  1. Edit UnSignpost:Signup help/Template to specify a customised header, and the text you wish to deliver. Save it, and make sure you're happy with the changes.
  2. Open UnSignpost:Signup help/Model using this link to make sure the header updates.
  3. Refresh this page - using this link - to make sure the links below are up to date.
  4. Click on a link below to open up the relevant user talk page, with a new section, and pre-populated fields, and simply click Save. (Ctrl+click will open in a new tab in most browsers on PC.)
  5. Put on a Spiderman costume with the crotch cut out and dance in front of an old peoples home.

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