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UU Manhole

No, it's not there.

Seriously, where is it?

Is it under your bed? Just look under it. Yeah, it's not there?! Right.

Where else can it be? Think! This problem should be solved! We cannot go on without the UnSignpost: it's like a vital part of our community or something. It's hard to formulate thoughts, especially after the journalists stop formulating them for you.

Yeah, and where are the journalists, by the way? You're not a journalist, are you? Why are you not a journalist, then? Hey, it looks like you don't care about our site!

I mean, you are not supposed to, but this is at least something I can say. And this is what everyone says anyway. And a good newspaper should reflect people's opinion or something. And I don't think I can say something that I cannot say.

Or can I?!

Check under your bed again, it might be there now. How would it get there?! Well, flyers can fly around, that's what they are made for. Oh, yes, maybe the UnSignpost flew away. That's an idea. Have you progressed in your research?

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