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Time 100 Jimmy Wales stares and grins beetroot

To mimic Wikipedia, admin Romartus has undergone some radical plastic surgery.

By ScottPat

On the forum, Looking like Wikipedia, long-time user Nikau expresses his wish that our esteemed website keep more in line with Wikipedia's format. Not only has he proposed a more dictatorial approach to adminship and a more serious style of writing, Nikau doesn't even hesitate to suggest that "the font and everything" need to be updated to "look like a direct parody of Wikipedia". How we can still maintain our parody website while mimicking Wikipedia's serious bullshit written by thirty something year olds and teenagers, is beyond this UnSignpost journalist.

Nikau's new founded campaign under the name of "We should look more like Wikipedia" or WSLMLW for short, also the name of Wikipedia's unique coding language, will address the issues that face Uncyclopedia by undressing its current skin and re-dressing it with Wikipedia's hand me downs. Backlash has come from editors who are too lazy to check Wikipedia and notice that their whole formatting has changed radically compared to Uncyclopedia's skin which mimics the previous Wikipedia skin.

These changes would require a lot of skill and time, things that Wikipedia editors don't have to be able to change their skin to mimic Uncyclopedia's correct version.

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