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By ScottPat


UnSignpost may have gone silent for a while my good readers but silent it is no more. For today we explain our silence on UnSignpost as our efforts were instead spent on restarting VFP earlier this month. It was here that the subject was brought to the attention of the Uncyclopedia community. And thus many users and admins were arroused in an erotic fettish - the chance to start up another part of the site.

After much persuasion our grand eternal leader Romartus took up the role as admin responsible for VFP, cleared out the mould and cobwebs and announced it re-open. This led to two prompt features including the first of them, noob User:Macboswell's Holy Discharge image.

All we can hope for now is that VFP stays open and is continuously used by users on the site. Otherwise as Shabidoo warned it may just fall into a semi-active state of motionless eternity once again. UnSignpost encourages you to nominate and vote to keep this wonderful arm of the site open. Let the odour from its armpit fill the site with a happier future for all. Hopefully this can encourage users to be creative in their writing and their imagery.

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