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Flood 2004

Now that the storm has subsided, just the serene beauty of the VFD landscape remains.

By ScottPat

The VFD region of Uncyclopedia has undergone serious flooding in the past few days with many articles drowning in the midst of the storm that hit. Rescue attempts were declared futile last night when barely any keep votes made it through the strong winds. Almost 20 articles who had been detained in the VFD zone were eliminated.

This comes so recently after the mass killing spree on VFD a few weeks ago. Experts are worried that VFD may contain an unlucky curse that haunts it. Could there be a link between the killings and the floodings?

Travel agents are warning articles to stay away from the area until the storm has subsided. An onlooker commented, "The scene of devastation was immense, electronic coding was flung everywhere!"

The remains of the articles were quickly incinerated and the reports of their disappearances and drownings were recorded in the VFD archives. People are wondering why the met office did not predict the sudden outbreak of stormy weather in time for a response to be taken.

Now all that needs to happen is for the gallons of water to be pumped out of the VFD pit. "This may take some time," warned an admin, "We're using Shabidoo's mouth to suck up the water and spit it out to sea."

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