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The spirit of Oscar Wilde leads the migrants to Uncyclopedia.

By ScottPat

UnSignpost has noticed an increase in the number of regular users Uncyclopedia has had recently. This is due to the return of three old Uncyclopedians to our shores. Users Xamralco, Llwy-ar-lawr and Nikau have returned to use the only talent they actually have in life -- comedy writing -- an annoying fact they discovered while on their Uncyclopedia break.

User Xamralco claims to be an admin on the site. A fact accepted by the other admins as he/she was added to UN:AA and Llwy-ar-lawr is rumoured to have previous experience at being an admin. Both bring piles of paper work to fill up Uncyclopedia's on-site visitors' tea room with. Nikau is a veteran writer willing to write their way back into Uncyclopedia's history.

This all helps our Autumn PLS competition, which currently has three best article entries, three best re-write entries and one best illustrated article entry. Are we on track to beat the number of entries at the Summer HMC? We shall see. Good luck to the competitors.

Meanwhile, new and not-so-new users keep on getting attracted by the activity of other, experienced users, the on-going PLS or just the accidentally turned on light. Snarglefoop, a prolific author and gamer game-creator on other wikis, finally decided to grant this site with his attention.

Welcoming goes as usual - from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and then from 3 to 8 p.m. While some don't necessarily register in the right hours, Know one knows did and has already managed to get hold of the science of writing complete articles and the art of formatting. Cheers to everyone!

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