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By Anton


When it comes to in-jokes we stop. It's fair to say you won't find any in this picture.

VFD has become a battlefield between Conservatives and Liberals (those who think we need in-jokes and those who do not). Aleister in Chains who does not use a sig file was representing the first camp and his main argument was: "What are we turning into now, the Cultural Revolution?", thus saying that a revolution is bad because it is a revolution. Spike assumed to be neutral, whilst he was rather liberal at first and then moved to the opposite camp. The result of the battle was a draw, two deaths (we lost "Mhaille is a dick" and "DVD cover", a featurable material) and two severe injuries (Codeine is a f*t c*nt (*lb*m) and HowTo:Become RAHB were injured morally).

After this, we began losing our walking in-jokes. Firstly, Madclaw, whose user page only is something remarkable, got banned for six months for calling Spike a "buddy" and suggesting that Romartus's concubines might not be very clean.

Later, the person who got most of users' attention in 2012-2013 without writing articles (or almost without) and, at the same time, was a promising new Aimsplode, Denza tried to insert himself in Worst 100 Reflections on 2013 (which in itself is one of the best in-joke we had since the beginning of the summer) and found himself imprisoned for a week, than forever and then for a week again.

Finally, Newman66, notable for writing in-jokes himself (Swanana, Camouflage rubber duck) mysteriously disappeared and his unblock request was ignored. Now, maybe AleIstEr was right when he told the media: "Per Spike. What are we turning into now, the Cultural Revolution?" Is there a secret plan against the original Uncyclopedia that is slowly being laid out?

One user when asked how he felt about the fact that Uncyclopedia had lost its in-jokes, simply replied, "AAAAA!"

P.S. Simsilikesims and Romartus visited Wikia headquarters and have stopped talking ever since.

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