By ScottPat


Generic picture of a Martian lizard used by scientists to show new discovery.

Uncyclopedian Aleister has warned Uncyclopedia of possible Martian fossil attacks waiting to happen. Al and his gang of expert paleontologists at Above Top Secret have noticed several fossilised Spoke creatures on the surface of Mars on pictures taken by Curiosity, the NASA Mars rover. The "fossils" appears to be deceased or zombie-like organisms that once lived on the Martian surface.

"This seems to me to be a trap set out by Martians to try to attract the Mars Rover. I have theorised that if the Mars Rover was to approach the fossil then the fake fossil created out of plastic by the Martians will disintegrate revealing a giant death targeted at the major government headquarters of the World," Aleister was not quoted as saying.


Here's one of the spoke-creatures, found by ATS user funbox, and its Little Green Martian companion, found by Aleister. Skeptics say rocks, we say "what kind of rocks"?

Uncyclopedia is the second website for this recent discovery to go public on. "This probably says three things about the discovery: A. that NASA haven't looked into it yet and B. that it is a hoax, or C. Aleister is a lying son-of-a-gun" commented Spike. Aleister did not inform our journalist that NASA will be looking into it as soon as they have stopped begging the US Congress for another 100 million pounds to put into excavating cheese from the Moon.

The trap could be a clue to the age old question of how the Martians will invade planet Earth. After the discovery of the Higgs Boson particle, this question jumped back up into top spot for "Most important question scientists need to answer" and both NASA and CERN are smashing particles together and flying space rockets around in an attempt to provide a quick answer to the question.

This may be one small picture of a rock but it could be one giant leap for our website. Jimbo Wales has already promised a salary increase for Uncyclopedians if the discovery turns out to be life. Even if we are invaded by Martians and all sold to Saturnians as slaves at least we will be at ease knowing that we get paid for predicting the invasion.