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What the headquarters of UnSignpost may look like in a few years time.

By Anton199

The UnSignpost journalists would like to report to you the lateness of the latest UnSignpost, it's retard, as a Frenchman would say. French people do not have anything to do neither with this UnSignost, nor with this article (unless the French are really the reason for everything being late), and this reference was inserted here for no reason. To conclude, we would like to point out that the regular lateness of the UnSignpost is not a funny topic and so, not to bore our audience to death, we won't say why it is late this time. Rather, we would like to talk about aliens, a possible cause of our laziness.

First of all, one of the UnSignpost Chief Editors, ScottPat, when reading random Uncyclopedia articles, spotted a UFO. Unfortunately, this happened about three months ago and so we cannot call it news.

However, in November, Spike noticed the arrival of three aliens (the first one is a French alien and the other two are from Israel). Spike did well to report this occurrence to the journalists because this saved him from a free ride on a French-Israeli UFO.

Several weeks later we noticed the appearance of two epic users: EpicWinner and Epicgenius. But we won't talk about them, as they are not aliens.

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