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Some articles deserve more than this!

By ScottPat

The time of year has come to bear on Uncyclopedia when we must reflect on our proud achievements of the last year. Thus fellow user Anton has opened a forum where Uncyclopedians may vote for the top ten articles of 2013. The creme de la creme of the featured articles from this year that are chosen by the democratic forum will then receive a template made from solid potato. The users who sported these articles will then receive a lot of hate mail from those who didn't get their articles onto the top ten list.

UnSignpost itself will give a day by day step account of the forum on our front page just so that we can fill up some blank space and report more things that no one ever reads!

The first contestants for the Top Ten list have already been put up. These include Neptune (a wonderful article by Greek Uncyclopedian Mimo&maxus about a planet near Uranus), History of Great Britain (a mammoth of an article done by Romartus recounting the entire history of the only country in the world to actually have any history - one wonders why he did not simply entitle it history) and Monopoly (game) (a brilliant article by Sog1970 explaining the many versions of this wonderful, family-friendly form of Capitalist brainwashing). These are just a few of the many great articles already nominated on the forum.

All that is needed now is more nominations from Uncyclopedians, like yourself (yes: YOU!), of great featured articles from 2013 that you have enjoyed. More votes are also needed so please, UnSignpost encourages you, check out the forum.

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