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By ScottPat


Justice is back in town!

The wallpaper has now been stripped and the wall is looking pretty bland, if not bare. The new wallpaper has been ordered but the heavy rain has delayed the delivery for a week or two. In the meantime the Chief has returned to Uncyclopedia after a spell at DIY wallpapering (or maybe he does it for a career!). The official recognition from the Chief came when his name was added to UN:AA and he was duly welcomed by many aghast users.

Incidently Romartus, the current Grand Master of Uncyclopedia has gone suspiciously silent on his propaganda campaign of "Gone for good" in which he attempted to discredit the Chief's time as Grand Master and Uncyclopedia history before Romartus' time.

The Chief has helped improve a wide variety of aspects of the site. He has settled arguments, given out bans, voted on VFD and VFH and even slipped in a Pee Review. All this on top of working on articles of his own. UnSignpost welcomes him back with open arms and legs and mouth and nose and any other orifices we might have and hopes he stays with us until the wallpaper arrives.

Many of our readers have already written in expressing their excitement at the news with some mentioning that his name fits his job title as Chief of this site. Something that the Chief shares with Judge Judge (the current Lord Judge) and Wanker the Banker*.

*UnSignpost takes as much legal responsibility for slagging off bankers in its article as bankers do for their affairs and money laundering - none at all!

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