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Illuminati Seal

By ScottPat

In recent world news, violence has once again broken out between the countries of Palestine and Israel in what looks to be a prolonged spout of fighting over the land once again. As usual when world events happen like this people have been looking for the cause to the event and some have found the cause, surprisingly, to be Uncyclopedia. The violence was sparked off when two Israelis were found dead in Palestine in June of this year. At the very start of the month on 2nd June, the article Gaza War was featured. Coincidence? Was it just chance that Uncyclopedia featured an article on a previous conflict in the region just before a new one was sparked off? We think not.

Clearly Uncyclopedia has been behind the conflict all along. Wikia has had a lot of interest in the region as a potential to base its international terrorist organisation in a place suitable enough to launch attacks against targets of Luxembourg, Belgium and Holland, founders of the EU. By featuring the article, Uncyclopedia has clearly shown that as a member of Wikia it supports this move and the war. Hence it's the disgraceful users of Uncyclopedia who must be blamed for the world's problems and my taxes.

Still unsure? How about this: In December 2012 protests erupted in Ukraine, with thousands of protestors attempting to remove the government. This sparked off a war in the region ending with the Russian annexation of Crimea. Oddly enough, Julian Assange, who contrary to public belief, was hiding away from US intelligence in the depths of Russia and asked President Putin for a holiday home near the beach. This prompted Russia's invasion and benefited Assange, who was part of Wikileaks, who report directly to Uncyclopedia's host Wikia. On 17th July that year, Uncyclopedia featured the article Ukraine, in blatant preparation for the events that unfolded.

UnSignpost encourages readers to be aware, keep calm and to bring down the corruption that riddles Uncyclopedia.

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