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By ScottPat

Unsignpost logo

People expect that the new logo of UnSignpost will be displayed as the logo of the UnSignpost namespace soon.

As thousands of mourners crowded round the cenitaph in Whitehall today, Uncyclopedia too remembered those men who had died in their effort to liberate UnSignpost and grant them equal rights as a namespace of Uncyclopedia. Minutes of discussion and sitting back eating biscuits finally paid off as Users Puppy, Anton and slave labourer ScottPat pulled off their jumpers (it was a hot day) and the trick of deceiving wikia, to create the namespace that UnSignpost deserves.

"To think that our Founder's vision has finally been realised and that the ideas of freedom and liberty can now be spread around by a media company with no aim except to tell the story of the top-paying politician," commented Chief Editor Anton while he was writing out a statement for UnSignpost's latest legal case and adding a few more zeroes on the expected shares growth prediction for the newspaper.

UnSignpost itself congratulated itself - mainly because no one else did - by unveiling a statue of Nobody, the UnSignpost's favourite writer. When we interviewed Chief Editor ScottPat he fought back the tears to mention "If Nobody had been here, Nobody would have appreciated this event entirely. As it was I was here and I appreciate it a lot." The statue was later taken down thanks to planning permition regulations and can now be found lying on its side somewhere in the Midlands deliberately blocking the path where the HS2 rail line will run.

What will become of the UnSignpost? Will it now be able to overtake its rival, UnNews and become the greater of the two Government controlled media services or will it simply get ripped apart by revolutionaries and people who want to actually get proper news? Who knows (Nobody does!)!

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