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Anton's and ScottPat's armies clash on Anton's territory.

By ScottPat

UnSignpost's dramatic changes that have taken place over the last day are said to have been a cover for a coup between the Chief Editors. Chief Editor ScottPat went as far as admitting to this on Chief Editor Anton's talk page. In a mixture of deluded speech and tyrannical laughter, ScottPat waved Anton's queries about the change away with the comment that it was all part of his master plan to take over UnSignpost and create a new job title of Lord Chief Editor of UnSignpost.

ScottPat half blamed his moves on the fact that there was a lack of British people playing baddies in films he has watched although he clearly has never seen hollywood before. He then laughed a lot and made a scene in front of the Uncyclopedia user crowd that had gathered to watch.

The reasons behind this plot are said to be in reaction to the famous July Coup staged in July 2013 when Anton quickly took over UnSignpost and changed it dramatically "for the better" while ScottPat was on leave. When ScottPat returned he was tricked into retiring but Anton feeling sorry for the old, past-it Chief Editor and allowed him to keep his job at least in title while Anton could enslave the rest of the editors. Then of course came the month of August when Anton realised that no one else works at UnSignpost and it had just been ScottPat. Realising this Anton settled back and let ScottPat share the role of Chief Editor with him.

Now ScottPat has tricked the community into providing him with support for his coup in which he intends to overthrow Anton and restore himself upon the UnSignpost Throne, aptly named, "The Crooked Chair on top of the Pile of Dung." Anton has prepared a defence of UnSignpost and has already tried vandalising the main page and blaming it on ScottPat. It is fair to say that as these two titans of the less-important userbase draw their armies up against each other a match of a lifetime will begin in which both users will most likely end up banned and ridiculed.

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