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A very early version of the Abuse Filter, which also made coffee for the administrators.


We bid farewell to two more Uncyclopedians of long standing. Abuse Filter 16, which came to the site long before I started using Filters to gently coax authors to do something more original than point to what some dope had posted at Conservapedia, gave a warning to any new user who created an article with a number in it, such as 1947 Horse-Throwing Competition. It delivered its final welcome to Escapian; he was in the process of documenting the inherently funny 1964 Chicago Cubs and has not been heard from since.

Abuse Filter 20 was a one-night stand by cheerful Wikia intern Furry to pattern-match the ramblings of one specific vandal. It slowed him down (the vandal, that is), but alas, he was clever enough to figure out exactly what was being pattern-matched and type something different but equally trite. AF20 has been disabled and its contents made visible to the public — who will see that it is now again open season on typing dick, cock, and penis into articles.

One of Uncyclopedia's chronic vandals phoned home from Staffordshire recently. This reporter dares not name him, for fear of being banned by a surviving Abuse Filter. Although this vandal is always anxious for us to know who he is, and to receive his subliminal urgings to run to the bathroom, he is also too smart to be shut down by an Abuse Filter, unless it were to trip on every ALL-CAPITAL-LETTER CHANGE SUMMARY, which would mean losing half of the remaining users. In any case, this vandal bores more easily than he used to.

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