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Following the swan song of Abuse Filters 16 and 20 (see previous issue), the latest stalwart Uncyclopedian to leave is the Sprite. Our webhost Wikia is trying to get out of the stylistic shadows of Wikipedia as desperately as we, for satire purposes, are trying to stay inside. The last UnSignpost reported that your thumbnail illustrations suddenly stopped working or even going to their designated corner after the bell rang; this was revealed to be the deliberate "work" of Wikia.

Clement and Judah

Just an example. You do see it, don't you???

A little panic Style Sheeting repaired it, but then Wikia went to Phase II, removing forever the "sprite," the little button at the upper right of the caption box that you can click to blow up the photo, only you can get that done by just clicking on the photo. Further panic coding at MediaWiki:Uncyclopedia.js has restored the sprite. (For a day, it was (sprite), and for a few hours, it was Symbol against vote .) If you have selected the uncyclopedia skin (or haven't selected anything and we selected it for you) and are running with JavaScript and images enabled, you will see it, and if you hover over it, it will tell you it is just kidding, and that it won't do any good to click on it anyway. If you have selected one of the other skins, you probably want Uncyclopedia to look like any other Wikia wiki, and won't laugh even if you stumble upon a joke here on your way to updating the trophy count of your favorite tag-team wrestler.

At any rate, that is the news most resembling drama that doesn't involve actual drama. Though Sprite is now back only in Diet, PuppyOnTheRadio has also been working to ensure there is plenty of Tab.

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