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One splendid afternoon, Uncyclopedian Anton199 took his gloves, put on a pair of sunglasses and a black cap, stole a computer and logged in Uncyclopedia. "What a fine day for editing a comedy website!" exclaimed Anton. "But I'll read some articles and look at some images first!"


Anton was pleased with himself and with the image he was looking at (especially with it). It was a nice example of surrealist (or possibly impressionist) art. He gazed at that very fine picture and thought: "I am glad that this excellent day is not spoiled by any vicious in-j-"

Suddenly, In-Jokes3

Meanwhile, on the radio, Puppy was reading ... in-jokes! But there were only two of them and they were also on his user page.

Suddenly, In-Jokes4

"I am an artist!" he thought. "What could possibly be more artistic than placing good in-jokes on a blank page and watching them grow?! Right, nothing! And it is great that nothing is spoiling such a great arr-"

Suddenly, In-Jokes5

Meanwhile, at VFD administrator Spike was muttering to himself: "This is a very fine piece of wiki-formatting. I am glad that no entries are spoiling it!" He even thought about writing a poem, which would start like "Vfd, vfd, oh my dear vfd!" (only, in all the CAPS), but then decided not to.

Suddenly, In-Jokes2

"There is one sure thing in life" he said next. "The VFD will always stay the sa-"

Suddenly, In-Jokes1

Meanwhile, somewhere on the Falkland Islands, Aleister was talking to his fellow Falklanders and playing with his chains. He was heard saying: "If S[omeone] had his way he'd nom my whole batch [of featured in-jokes on VFD], and laugh as they w[ould be] picked off one by one." Fortunately (or unfortunately), S[omeone] did not have his way and so none of Aleister's in-jokes were somewhere, where they were not supposed to be (they were supposed to be on Uncyclopedia).


"I enjoy being Aleister!" exclaimed Aleister. "I am glad that, out here on the Falklands, there are no in-jokes."



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