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By Anton


Format gets modified but the idea stays the same.

Uncyclopedia's venerable Pee Review has been "rebooted" with a more colourful review template. The impetus for several editors to acquire a sore kicking foot is the success of the iPhone, now that it shifted its attention from working well to being colourful.

The update is not actually an update but rather a downdate, as instead of inventing a new design for the templates, the editors took a very old one and modified it for the 21st century. That's why this year's mottos are "For the old" (déjà-vu?) and "The more ancient the cheaper better."

The changes are a step towards democracy, as they let reviewers pass judgement on an article without having to know the first thing about mathematics. The reviewer can complete some sections and ditch others. For instance, a reviewer who does not know what the word 'concept' means can confine his analysis to the article's humour. A reviewer who does not know what 'humor' is can — oh, never mind.

Finally, a brand new option, called "Pee® Review Lite," lets the reviewer not to analyze the article at all but leave a sentence or two about the author's wife — a review with which it will be up to the author to decide whether he is satisfied.

Le client est le roi!

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