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By ScottPat

The results are in! After a Summer of two competitions dedicated to bringing more users in and ironically, in an Uncyclopedia style, ending up with a few users leaving, the PLS results bring it all to a close. Congratulations to Captain gull with his winning Stairs article. The challenge of writing an article on the topic didn't seem to trip him up and send him tumbling into the abyss of factual accuracy. Congratulations also go to Spike for the best re-write, Brick, Ye Blacke Adder for the best noob article, Muslim Sisterhood and finally to Snarglefoop for the best illustrated article, Flying toasters. There were no collaboration articles submitted this year.

All the articles have been submitted to VFH for you to ponder over, and unleash your abuse on the judges for not letting you win. More in-depth comments on the articles can be found here. Well done to everyone taking part in the PLS and hopefully this will inspire the next generation of budding Uncyclopedians to go on and on, endlessly filling the interweb up with crap.

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