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By Anton

Uncyclopedia has plenty of competitions with odd names.

Some consider this year's Happy Monkey Competition a success, some don't and some look down, cough and leave to go to bathroom at the first possible occasion, when interviewed about it. The cause is not hard to find: last month we (Shabidoo) hosted the first inter-wiki competition in the history of Uncyclopedia. Amongst its benefits was the great amount of new articles, half of which we can't link due to Wikia's Terms of Use, while the other half hasn't left their authors' userspace. Shabidoo told the journalists that he had to crawl over to Internet-cafés at 6 o'clock in the morning, while on holiday, after a restless night, spent wondering whether his judging page will be deleted on this or the competing wiki, due to excessive amount of external links he placed on both.

In addition, it rose the spirits of non-participating Uncyclopedians, who could finally mutter to themselves, that "different wikis are actually able to still work together, after all!", because this is one of the thoughts that ought not to be expressed out loud, when everything the competitors are thinking about is how their site is better than the other.

Anyway, this summer stress over, we soon ceased sighing in relief and thought about how to renew the "Write! Hurry! Only an hour left!" atmosphere. Uncyclopedia Events Planner, a new project that arranges all the events Uncyclopedia has already forgotten about and those that it still has to forget, into one neat 2014-2015 pack, eliminating the need to plan, envision and dream about anything, because everything has already been envisioned, planned and dreamt for you.

The Poo Lit Surprise, expected to take place at the end of September, has been chosen as an appetizing entrée, despite it being an actual plat or a Maine course (Ancient Fr.). 2014 will then end with the The Article Whisperer (or TAW), where you choose a topic amongst those submitted by other Uncyclopedians at our list of requested articles, possibly just for fun. It will be followed by the Pee Week (PW), which will measure the amount and the quality of the product of your kidneys. Finally, there will be a Summer Extravagnza (SE), first hosted in 2011, but never again, and which will be possibly taking place at the same time as the one year late Wiki World Cup, first scheduled for 2018, meaning that odds are good almost every single present user will have left by then.

In other words, dinner is going to be pretty packed. Or, being even more laconic, be ready to sign up!

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