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By ScottPat


Adoption of a site religion may lead to an increase in userbase.

In the past few months the number of active users on Uncyclopedia was recorded at around 220 with most being once or twice a month edits. On the forum: New user recruitment and retention Shabidoo put forward the point that he'd only seen 1.5 new users per year recently. Admin Spike claimed that this was preposterous notion and that more like 1.5 new users joined per week. This debate may have been down to confusion over the definitions of new users. Shabidoo was refering to new regular users, users that had stayed on and become part of the core community, whereas Spike was refering to any new user. Spike did agree though that the site was not social enough for accepting new users but was becoming more so.

Other users then debated over whether the aim was to retain more users or recruit more users. It turned out that many users were recruited, became active for a month or two and then fell into retirement. Perhaps then the answer was to retain the current users and recruitment will sort itself out. However as ScottPat pointed out, the crap quality of the articles on this site may be putting off a lot of general public readers and thus hindering recruitment and we may just have to wait it out until we've cleaned up the site more.

As we extend Uncyclopedia into the new age of the future and re-build the site to its former glory how will the community have to change to deal with it? Should we be restarting parts of the website or strengthening our administration? The vote on new sysops has ended in pretty much a draw with the userbase split for and against leading to a conclusion that no new admins will be elected at the moment. As always UnSignpost encourages you to keep writing and keep dancing.

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