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Mr. Putin is hoping to stand as a candidate for East UnNews in the potential admin election.

By ScottPat

Does Uncyclopedia need more admins? A question raised recently by an Aussie cannine at VFS. As our readers will know admins are those people on Uncyclopedia who ban you, delete your work, re-write your work, ignore you when you ask why, run the grand conspiracy and generally hate you so many users want more of them so that they get bullied twice as much or so says Uncyclopedian Shabidoo, "I get so much pleasure from watching an admin hit me with a ban stick and I want it to happen more often." Users such as Anton, ScottPat and Puppy agree.

However against the idea that we should have more admins apart from Matt lobster who made their first edit in a year and a bit, were admins such as Mhaille who said, "As much as I love oppressing everyone on this site, I think having more admins and therefore more oppression might over step the line between cyberbullying and breaking a UN law." Spike agrees, "It's a good job admins get 2 votes to decide as otherwise we wouldn't have enough support over here. If only we had another admin with two votes then they could vote on our side and get a clear victory."

The ballot was closed and reopened with more candidates, such as Gluten-free sandwich and Marmite on toast. The conclusion, despite the fact that three admins and many users haven't voted in the first round, still seems to be a win for the "nays" or "neighs" if those users happen to be horses with the Queen's commission.

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