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September 30

Codeine's mum

"If rules are meant to be broken, they should at least be funny," - thought the Uncyclopedia admins years ago and replaced any possible policies of the site with in-jokes, numerous allusions to their moms, self-reference and in-jokes.

"If rules are broken, it is because they are funny," - thought the Uncyclopedia admins in October 2013 and made rules.

Dear diary,

What was designed as an ambiguous source for drama, suddenly became a respectable policy (Forum:A new VFS is in order), and a page with the primary aim to confuse new users, was rewritten, not featured (which lead to its loss of honour) and laughed at (Forum:Rewrite of UN:SIG).

October 9

Dear diary,

I should have taken another pill.

ChiefjusticeDS could not endure our situation and began stripping paint. Apparently, this lead to hallucinations, as well as the shorter list of active administrators and a Roman Imperator becoming a Bureaucrat.

After Chief's last forum had received as many posts as P.Sulivan's one, Romartus took over the bright initiative and stripped the list down to three members.

October 10

Dear diary,

I should have taken money instead of that Uncyclopedia account.

There are plenty of news but we still cannot make an UnSignpost. Probably because we spend so much time asking people to do something, making conflicts and then trying to resolve them. What did I want to say?

ScottPat began asking for his own article to be deleted. Sannse admitted that Wikia hides information from its own employees.

The UnSignpost stopped being talkpage spam and is now a reliable news provider, with - maybe - its own namespace in nearby future.

It is not the middle of autumn yet and nobody knows what will follow.

October 11 and some time after

Building rectangle animation 250px looped

I don't want to start the new entry with "Dear diary". I mean it is not even dear to me. So what happened?

The situation is now different: there are less vandals. Have they just understood what a sick place it is?

Shabidoo had a bright idea about changing Pee Review. Another potentially good idea that has not gone anywhere.

October 20


If someone would count the amount of drama plays we have performed per month, he will most certainly understand that we are a very artistic community.

I think we should make an UnSignpost for a change. Tons of new forums and each of them saying what everyone should have come up with ages ago. And they are still wrong! Admins say: "Stop arguing! We are a good community!" Users say: "Let's argue over the goodness of our community!"

Then they try to paraphrase and rephrase each other. Then the disagreements begin. Then they begin voting. Then the voting is interrupted as someone forgot to record the score or because someone's vote is irrelevant. After that, they open a new forum and do the same thing but in different order. Well, we should really write an UnSignpost for a change. At least, it is more serious than our forums.

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