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By Julius Caesar

Two of the relative technical giants in our ragtag bunch of survivors have been dabbling with Linear Gradients, a recent innovation that lets you create glitzy graphics without having to endure the warnings about gore and nudity at Special:Upload. First, Spike's signature became a tiny bit shinier, and so did the background of {{Writing funny stuff}} included in some Welcome messages to newbies. Spike packaged the stuff for retail use in {{LinearGradient}}. User:PuppyOnTheRadio went further, both in documenting that template (click on the link to read how to use it) and in ensuring that it works for Uncyclopedians whose browsers were invented back when Gradient was a draft proposal, and does something even on Netscape. Puppy one-upped Spike in the signature wars, devising a radial gradient that appears to poke drain-holes in everyone's talk page — then went viral with the technology, proposing in Forum:Construction template to apply the shininess to {{Construction}}. All Uncyclopedians will be relieved to have a new technical gimmick to distract them from the chore of thinking up original humor.

In an development that is unrelated but neatly fits in the same category (given a large-enough hammer), Spike elicited debugging help from Wikia to track down a year-old bug in the Watchgadget, a piece of code that puts a button to the left of every line in your Watchlist to take it off the list. The tool used a package (once) that an unrelated file in his userspace would go on to break for all subsequent uses. The Wikians were polite, as they always are when there are no Bare Tits showing, and the wild-goose chase ended with only one red face. The news for the general Uncyclopedian, then, is not that this gadget works, but that, after a year, it no longer claims not to work.

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