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Scientists have no idea how the moon formed. They have changed their mind a few times recently, and the current theory makes little sense. They really have no idea. Basically, they think that a massive object (about the size of Mars) hit the Earth smashing material into orbit to make the Moon. The trouble with this theory is that the Earth should still be spinning very fast. It's not, so the theory is extended to say: "Oh, well, another object must have hit the Earth on the other side to slow it down just right". Yea right. Seriously. That's the current theory. Check out the latest research.

Apollo 12 set-up a seismometer on the surface of the moon, and fired part of their ship at it to measured the shockwave. Apollo 13 did the same thing, but with a much bigger bang. Both times they noticed that the moon "appeared to ring like a bell". There are some rather serious, well respected scientist who have been saying for a while now that the moon could be hollow. The speed of the Earth around the Sun has been slowing down ever so slightly. Then in 1999 scientists discovered that it had settled at 29,780 meters per second. It has stopped slowing down. The speed of light in a vacuum is 299 792 458. Less than 2/3 of 1% out.

Why the heck it's 400 not 401 or 399? Why does all this work in number base 10?

Polar circumference: NASA reckon 39,941km. Others say 40,0010 or 40,0008. It depends on where you measure it, or if you take an average. The Earth bulges in the middle. Rather like Buddha. The shortest polar circumference passes through the British Isles where the line of zero longitude is. Why?

Stonehenge: (in Salisbury plane England) is on the "flattest" Polar circumference (one that equally bisects the planet and has the least landmass).

If we imagine Stonehenge to be at the "top" of the world the imaginary equator from that point is 98% sea.

Stonehenge stands on the only place on the Earth to be equidistant from the optimum and near perfect sea-level circumference of the globe. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

A Megalithic yards:

A Megalithic yard can be found by plotting the movement of Venus in the sky using a pendulum. Divide the horizon into 366 parts, and watch Venus pass between them. If the pendulum swings 366 times as Venus changes from one part to another then the string on your pendulum is 1/2 a megalithic yard, or 20 megalithic inches. Obviously 40 megalithic inches is 1 megalithic yard. Nice number that eh? The amount of time it takes to watch Venus is the difference between a mean solar day and - a sidereal day.

Alexander Thom Some guy did a survey of prehistoric stone structures around the UK in the 1930's and found that they all used megalithic units. The Minion's on Crete also used it. Robin_Heath another guy showed how the Egyptian Royal Cubit was related to the megalithic yard as used in the building of the Great Pyramid.

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