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ThinkerToilet The article Pixar has been reviewed by PuppyOnTheRadio(talk)
Version as at 13 August 2009 PEE review

edit Update

Can this article be updated, please? Brave, Monsters Univeristy, Inside Out and The Good Dinosaur would all fit the 'selected filmography' bit very well. They should be added! The preceding unsigned comment was added by Placeholderusername (talk • contribs)

This is a Featured Article, which is assumed not to need new help being funny but is allowed to be brought up to date. It is protected against "new users," which you will not be in a few days. Adding sections toward the end to reflect more recent Pixar movies, I would consider a legitimate bringing-it-up-to-date move. Spıke Radiomicrophone14:53 17-Feb-16

I've now updated it. :) --PlaceHolderUserName My talk! 21:16, February 21, 2016 (UTC)

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