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A spotty, fat guy with embarrassing glasses and a "I love π" T-shirt is approached by an average looking reporter type person.'

Reporter: Hello, sir, can I get a quick interview please?

Nerd: Heh heh... yeah.

Reporter: So, may I ask your name?

Nerd: Well, my RuneScape name is Akriloth, King of the Overworld, my WoW name is The Almighty Slayer Warlord, but on IRC I usually go by the name of Eternal Orc Master.

Reporter: (looks confused) Ooookaaaay.

Nerd: Pretty cool, huh?

Reporter: And do you have a job?

Nerd: I'm a Professional Computer Master heh heh. Yeah... my mom was generous enough to let me use the Underground Lair under the house!

Reporter: You mean your mom's basement?


Reporter: Oh... sorry if I offended you there. So, what do you do in your underground lair?

Nerd: I slay Orcs at the Orc Village in Dorgeshkuun! I go questing with the monks of the Ice Mountain! I duel with the elite of Glielnor in the TzHaar Fight Pits! I slay...

Reporter: No... I mean what do you do in real life.

Nerd: Oh... heh heh I sit at the computer and, y'know... heh heh play RuneScape and talk to people just like me on heh heh IRC.

Reporter: Interesting. And, are you in a relationship right now?

Nerd: Why, you want some of this? heh heh Because it's bigger than most people think, you know heh heh.

Reporter: Uggh...

Nerd: I'll use my heh heh mighty sword heh heh IN BED!!

Reporter: I'll take that as a no, then?

Nerd: No, I'm not in a relationship... but I was once married to a Level 103 heh heh Warlock Female on World 105.

Reporter: Interesting...

Nerd: Hey, you wanna hear something heh heh awesome?

Reporter: Excuse me?

Nerd: OK, here goes... *takes huge breath in* 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510...

Reporter: Excuse me?

Nerd: It's pi. Everyone knows it to at least the first four hundred thousand digits, right?

Reporter: Umm... yeah. Well, I'll be off now then.

Nerd: You go, but you still want some o' this! Oh yeah!

Reporter runs away quickly, and nerd goes into the Internet Café where the annual WoW gathering is taking place.

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