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:Why did you do it? Why? Why?
:Why did you do it? Why? Why?
:The hand, long hand...
:The hand, long hand...

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Why did you do it? Why? Why?
The hand, long hand...
Is no longer shy.
Grip it tight and hold on for ever,
When you call it a limp snake,
are you trying to be clever?.
I want it on, wrapped 'round entwined'.
I know it's a crisp-packet, but that's all I could find.
Why didn't you do that? Why? Why?
I just said with that nasal hair.
You look a bit like a guy?
Hold it 'round with strong emotion,
And then you can swim in my off-white ocean.
I like it on it oh yes oh yes.
You're the first one who's seen it I have to confess.
The hand, your hand...
Now rape me my guardian angel.
I've never done it for real, well I did go to stage school...
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