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(There's a song of this name already? Oh no! Thank you I will get right on that, ode officers.)

Here honey, I crocheted you a gift while you were at work today.

Oh, I Am the Wal-

Rus. I Am the Walrus - I

Told You Assholes That.

Last Tuesday When I

Saw You I Said Those Very

Words to Your Dumb Ass.

When I am Alrea-

Dy Like Frida Fuckin Kah-

Lo, How Dare You Whip

Out Your Sharpie And

Call it a Pen, Paint me a

Moustache With Your Style-

O-Meter, Black it

All Up With Clipart Kilo

Meters Sealed With a Kiss.

Do You Even Know

Whose Lipstick This Is? I Told

You, A Walrus, They're...

Not Just 'For' Men. Not Just

With Cadence, But All Those Elks

Are Knitting Again?

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