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Unpoetia logo Poetry for people who hate poetry
After football, in the rain
Powder lines on his ass, we did the cocaine,
Sweat and steroids fills up our brain
Dave Matthews RULES, fag.

American Eagle and Aeropostale,
Gym was the only class I never failed,
Beat up goth faggots who dress up real pale,
Dave Matthews RULES, fag.

That loser wore eyeliner, he was covered in black,
With our size 12 Nikes, he got kicked in the sack
Used my Jeep Durango, gave his leg a big crack,
Dave Matthews RULES, fag.

My fathers a lawyer, Joe's fathers a doc,
I think of them both when I cum in my sock,
But I have to hate queers, listen to shit rock,
Dave Matthews RULES, fag.

After I graduate, your groceries I'll bag,
Get a girl knocked up, and make her my hag,
I'll punch her jaw, when dinner tastes bad
Dave Matthews RULES, fag.
Dave Matthews RULES, fag.
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